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Nivea Angel Skin Body Wash, Sabon & Bouquet Scent Refill 360ml

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  • Smoothly removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores that cause skin roughness.


  • The creamy whipped foam moisturizes the skin.


  • Clean and moisturize Angel's soft skin.


  • The keratin clearing ingredient removes old keratin and dirt from pores that cause skin roughness.


  • Yogurt beauty ingredient moisturizes the skin.


  • After washing, it's smooth and moisturized, Angel's soft skin.


  • Double fragrance whipped foam with a soft and light scent.


  • A creamy whipped foam with good defoaming scents softly and lightly.


  • Three types of scents are available that you can choose according to your taste.


    Directions for Use

    Apply an appropriate amount (4 pea size) with a damp towel or sponge, lightly lather and wash and then flush