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TSUBAKI premium Repair Shampoo

Sale priceDhs. 90.00

The history reveals that Japanese has been using a tsubaki (Japanese camellia) oil for hair restoration purpose from the ancient period. Shiseido's TSUBAKI series also emphasizes the Japanese camellia oil and the Tsubaki Premium Repair Shampoo focuses on restoration of the damaged hair.

By using this shampoo, it extends the CMC(Cell Membrane Complex), or a composition included in the inner part of the hair, and is said to have a role in conveying nutrition inside the hair. This aids efficient distribution of beauty ingredients, resulting in the restoration of the hair from the core damaged by various stimulations including friction and ultraviolet.

Floral and fruity aromas provide the users with a lush, graceful, and gorgeous feeling.

TSUBAKI's brand concept is "a salon with a 0-second wait": it adopts technology of hair salon treatment which make the chosen beauty ingredients thoroughly penetrate into the core of hair. With TSUBAKI's traditional Japanese hair care approach, you can experience a salon finish at home.


Wet your hair and scalp well, and apply appropriate quantity of the shampoo to your entire hair and wash well by sufficiently foaming.

Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water.

TSUBAKI premium Repair Shampoo
TSUBAKI premium Repair Shampoo Sale priceDhs. 90.00